Fr Jack and JoPa

Only a few minutes of listening time are necessary in order for WILK talk show host Steve Corbett to reveal that he is a pompous, arrogant, agenda-driven know-it-all, whose ultra-defensiveness manifests itself in the awkward, clumsy, and primal ways in which he handles callers who valiantly and cogently assert their disagreement with him.  Corbz obviously has not yet found the meaning of life.  Personally, I find his almost complete ignorance and misrepresentation of things Catholic to be amusing in a sit-com-ish kind of way.  [I’m not an avid listener of Corbett’s show.  It just happens to be on when I’m trying to get a quick weather report, news update, or a traffic report, so I can know what lies in wait for me on Interstate-81-North when I’ll be heading to Scranton for an evening meeting.]

Lately, I’ve caught snippets of Corbett aggressively attempting to posthumously denigrate the character of Joe Paterno.  In stark contrast is this blog post by Fr Jack Siberski, SJ (& MD), a native of Plymouth PA.  Fr Jack relates a dramatic situation during which he had the opportunity to interact closely with the Paterno family.  While I’m not declaring Joe Paterno a Saint, his attitude and actions as described by Fr Jack are worthy of consideration by all men striving to live virtuous lives.

Fr Jack is a Jesuit priest of the New England Province of the Society of Jesus who entered rather late in life after practicing medicine and psychiatry for 22 years.  He is recovering from recent heart surgery.  I’m sure he would appreciate your prayers, and perhaps a Comment on his blog post, if you are so led.

Fr Jack SJ (center) with friends in the Mekong DeltaVietnam

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