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Pro-Life benefit concert Friday, June 29th

June 24, 2012

See this flyer for details.


Exercising fortitude

June 6, 2012

Our Guardian group in the Back Mountain will be studying the virtue of Fortitude (or Courage) today in our first session of our “Crossing the Goal” series on the virtues. We need to develop this virtue in times like these when the cause of Christ is unpopular in many quarters. If we proclaim the Gospel we may have to risk ridicule, disapproval, maybe economic loss as has happened before to Christians like Dietrick Bonhoffer, the Cristeros in Mexico and Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko of Poland – loss of freedom and life. The following quote by Blessed Jerzy appeared in a meditation of the day in the Magnificat this week. Something to consider as we prepare for the ‘Fortnight of Freedom” promoted by the Bishops of the United States to demonstrate our opposition to the infringement of Christians’ Freedom of Religion and Conscience by the State:

Bd Jerzy

A Christian fulfills his duties only when he is stalwart, when he professes his principles courageously, when he is neither ashamed of them nor renounces them because of fear or material needs. Woe betide a society whose citizens do not live by their fortitude. They cease to be citizens and become more like slaves. It is fortitude which creates citizens, for only a courageous man is conscious of all his rights and duties. If a citizen lacks fortitude, he becomes a slave and causes immeasurable harm not only to himself but to his family, his country and the Church…Fortitude is an essential part of one’s life as a citizen. That is why fortitude is, for a Christian, the most important duty after love.

Hope to see many of you in Scranton (Wiliam J. Nealon Federal Building, 235 N Washington Ave) on Friday at noon for the Rally for Religious Freedom!

Retreat at Mt Saviour Monastery

June 5, 2012

This past weekend, GOTRCMF Chaplain, Fr Leo McKernan, led a group of men on a retreat to Mt Saviour Monastery near Elmira, New York.  We’ve added a Page link on the right sidebar with some photos from the retreat.

For Greater Glory

June 1, 2012

STARTS TODAY in Moosic and Dickson City

“Enthusiastically” recommended by Abp Chaput

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