Still a tad foggy on the Year of Faith?

Today we begin Week #7 of the Year of Faith.  If you are still unclear about its purpose, or are having difficulty determining concrete goals and objectives for yourself or your family, perhaps this relatively short article will help.

Lucas Pollice

The author, Lucas Pollice, MTS, is the Director of Training for the “Symbolon RCIA” program from the Augustine Institute in Denver.  He summarizes well our Holy Father’s “blueprint” for the Year of Faith, which he sees as organized into three well-defined steps.  This article is a good resource for both personal reading and group discussion.

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One Comment on “Still a tad foggy on the Year of Faith?”

  1. Glenn Yanik Says:

    Thanks to Walt Babetski for these posts on the year of Faith. This one on the Holy Father’s blueprint for the year of faith is extremely helpful.

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