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Catholic men’s movement

March 26, 2014

Tim Drake offered his assessment of the Catholic men’s movement in this article yesterday on Catholic Pulse.


Reading material for young athletes

December 26, 2013
Fr James V. Schall SJ

Fr James V. Schall SJ

When the highly esteemed Jesuit scholar and commentator on modern culture, Fr James V. Schall SJ, writes a positive review of a book by a professional athlete, I sit up and pay attention.  Earlier this month, Fr Schall wrote such a review on The Catholic Thing website.  His subject was John Stockton, former point guard for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, an NBA hall-of-famer, and a Gonzaga alumnus.  John recounts his life for us in Assisted: An Autobiography, which was published two months ago.  You can read Fr Schall’s article here.

Here’s a recent article…

July 8, 2013

…entitled “Why Isn’t Men’s Ministry More Vibrant in the Church?” by a brother from Pittsburgh.  Some interesting Comments follow the article.

Abp Chaput’s latest for Independence Day

July 4, 2013

Everything — absolutely everythingthat Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput writes is worth reading.  Go here to read his message to Catholic Americans for this year’s Independence Day.

But boldly and faithfully living our Baptism is the single greatest contribution we can make to the Church and our nation……The moral renewal of our nation begins with the moral renewal we allow God to work in each of our own hearts.



A Crisis of Masculinity

January 8, 2013

Here’s a short but insightful commentary on the state of masculinity in the Church. A must read for men with daughters who are not entering the convent any time soon.

Still a tad foggy on the Year of Faith?

November 22, 2012

Today we begin Week #7 of the Year of Faith.  If you are still unclear about its purpose, or are having difficulty determining concrete goals and objectives for yourself or your family, perhaps this relatively short article will help.

Lucas Pollice

The author, Lucas Pollice, MTS, is the Director of Training for the “Symbolon RCIA” program from the Augustine Institute in Denver.  He summarizes well our Holy Father’s “blueprint” for the Year of Faith, which he sees as organized into three well-defined steps.  This article is a good resource for both personal reading and group discussion.

Priests and fathers

August 19, 2012

Check out this thought-provoking article in which Dr Scott Hahn compares the responsibilities of priests to those of fathers.