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Catholic Men’s Fellowship

December 31, 2011

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Bishop Bambera completes his first year

April 26, 2011

The Guardian of the Redeemer Catholic Men’s Fellowship extends heartfelt congratulations to Bishop Joseph Bambera on this first anniversary of his installation as shepherd of the Diocese of Scranton.  Because we understand and take seriously apostolic succession, the very first words of our Mission Statement are:  “In union with our Bishop…”  Bishop Bambera’s formal letter of support, and the words of encouragement which he shared with us after celebrating Mass at our Catholic Men’s Day in October 2010, were deeply appreciated, and continue to motivate us in faithfulness to our mission.  His recent effort to solicit input from all of the faithful in our diocese was reminiscent of the suggestion made by GOTRCMF patron, soon-to-be-Blessed John Paul II:

The theology and spirituality of communion encourage a fruitful dialogue between Pastors and faithful: on the one hand uniting them a priori in all that is essential, and on the other leading them to pondered agreement in matters open to discussion.

To this end, we need to make our own the ancient pastoral wisdom which, without prejudice to their authority, encouraged Pastors to listen more widely to the entire People of God.

[Novo Millennio Ineunte, n. 45]

In his Palm Sunday homily this year, Bishop Bambera pointed us, as he frequently does, to the source of our strength:

…we will find the strength to open our lives to Jesus and the cross of Calvary through the Eucharist that we celebrate this day. For in this sacrament, the passion, death and resurrection that Jesus experienced is made present time and again in our lives. This presence enables us to share in the benefits of Jesus’ cross. Because of it, we CAN speak of seeing through our crosses and of our dying to sin and rising to new life because we participate in the very mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

We encourage all men associated with the Guardian of the Redeemer CMF to continue to support Bishop Bambera with your prayers, that he would be blessed with the graces and gifts he needs to be faithful to God’s will as he leads the Diocese of Scranton.