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Support local Catholic radio

October 31, 2013


Printable flyer here.


Scranton priest mentioned on Catholic radio

January 7, 2011

Msgr John Esseff

Brian Patrick interviewed Patti Armstrong on the Son Rise Morning Show today between 7:30 and 7:45 (heard on our local Catholic radio station).  The discussion centered on a new movie (with which I am not familiar) about exorcism.  During the interview, she was highly complimentary of Scranton’s own Msgr John Esseff, and referred to him multiple times.  Apparently, she used him as a resource for an article she’s writing about this movie.  She said the article should appear on her website next week.  She related that Msgr Esseff told her that, in his 53 years involved with exorcism and investigating situations allegedly demonic, he has encountered only two cases that he considered to be actual demonic possession.  Many others involved lesser, but still serious, degrees of oppression, infestation, etc.

I’ll try to remember to pass along an update when Patti’s article is available.

Mary Meets Dolly

July 19, 2010

Mary Meets Dolly looks like a great reference site for the Catholic perspective on issues involving the manipulation of human life.  It’s written by a clinical molecular biologist in collaboration with her father who is a [Catholic] theologian.

I first learned about this site via our local Catholic radio station, WQOR (JMJ750) which brodcasts on 750AM.  Last Friday, Brian Patrick was interviewing Rebecca, the website’s author, on his “Son Rise Morning Show.” (7am to 8am)

Local Catholic radio:  You better listen!  I strongly encourage you to listen!

Spiritual warfare

September 14, 2009

Catholic Radio [JMJ—750AM] brought in Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, from Human Life International, to speak of the topic of Exorcism and the Church Militant.  Fr. Paul McDonnell, the Rector of St. Joseph’s Oblate Seminary, welcomed us with open arms [as always].  The talk was well received and the question and answer period was lively.  It seems that there is great interest in the area of “spiritual warfare” and this important area of spiritual discernment.  Once again, we are sensing that we need to be as St. John tells us in his Gospel: “in the world” but not “of the world” and that as St. Paul instructs us in his letter to the Church at Ephesus: “that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers.”  To hear more of Fr. Euteneuer listen to JMJ—750AM this week to the program “In Love of Christ” and hear Fr. Euteneuer, Msgr. John Esseff and Jerry Gilmartin discussing this important topic.

This Sunday

September 11, 2009

Fr Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International will be in our area this Sunday, September 13th.  He will be the principal celebrant at a 4:00 pm Mass at the Oblates of St Joseph Seminary in Laflin.  Following Mass, Fr Euteneuer will give a presentation.  Fr Euteneuer’s visit to our area is being sponsored by our local Catholic radio Station, WQOR, which broadcasts on the 750 AM frequency.

Proclaiming the Good News

January 15, 2009

Our local Catholic Radio station, JMJ 750 AM, is a great outreach, but it needs some financial assistance.  We are looking for sponsors for the programs.  Ed and Carol Niewinski are the contact persons at (570) 287-4670 or email me [mckernan-at-stleosashley-dot-com].  Catholic Radio is a way to learn more about the Catholic faith.  It is a way to share the Gospel with others.  In the near future, I am hopeful that we can have a regular program for “The Guardian of the Redeemer Catholic Men’s Fellowship” on Catholic Radio.


Another notable apostolate is a team of people from the Baltimore Archdiocese called CHRISTLIFE.  Led by Dave Nodar, their primary mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are attempting to respond to the call of Christ and the Church to the “new evangelization.”  They recently recounted a wonderful story concerning the conversion of Mosab Hassan Yousef to Christ.  Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of the leader of Hamas.  He has come to understand Christ as the only way to God and the only way to peace.  This is the type of fruit that the Lord can and will bring about.  It should motivate us to accept his invitation to be eager participants in the new evangelization in the way that he leads us.

Coming home to Rome

December 23, 2008

Part of the role of a Guardian of the Redeemer is to guard!  We are to guard what comes into our hearts and homes!  We are to be watchful!  This is especially true of our modern media, especially TV, movies and the internet.  There are good things, for instance, EWTN [Radio and TV].  THE JOURNEY HOME hosted by Marcus Grodi is well worth watching.  For those not familiar with this program, it deals with the journey home to the Catholic Church by those who have come to discover that the Church is, in fact, as St. Paul asserts “the pillar and foundation of truth.”