Mission Statement


In union with our Bishop and clergy we seek to re-evangelize Catholic men in the Diocese of Scranton to foster their transformation into faithful spirit-led disciples of Jesus Christ by (1) developing local parish men’s fellowship groups which meet regularly for prayer, study, fraternal support and adult formation and (2) providing inspirational and motivational diocesan-wide conferences, seminars and retreats focusing on the development of an authentic male spirituality in the Catholic tradition.


  1. We believe all Catholic men need to take their rightful place in their families, Church, communities and nation as men of God.
  2. We believe that, for this to happen, each Catholic man must: 
    1. Accept, by a personal decision, the saving sovereignty of Jesus Christ and become his disciple” (Pope John Paul II Mission of the Redeemer #46).
    2. Deepen his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.
    3. Experience the Father’s unconditional love through Mass, the Sacraments and daily prayer.
    4. Be guided by the Holy Spirit to live his life as a man of God.
    5. Respond to the Lord’s call to share the faith with others.
  3. We believe that this life of faith can be strengthened, enriched, and supported in parish-based men’s fellowship groups.


    1. Fidelity to Jesus Christ and the Church he founded
    2. Accountability to each man’s Baptismal call to holiness and mission in every sphere of his life
    3. Perseverance in prayer
    4. Courage in discipleship
    5. Leadership through exemplary service


We are a lay apostolate organized as a Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation operating under Pennsylvania state laws and affiliated with the National Fellowship of Catholic Men.  We operate as a volunteer board with a volunteer service team.  We are seeking canonical status as a private association of the faithful of the Diocese of Scranton.


We operate under the patronage of St. Joseph, the first Guardian of the Redeemer, and his faithful wife, the Blessed and Ever-Virgin Mary, with the intercession of Pope John Paul II, author of the Apostolic Exhortation, Redemptoris Custos, extolling St. Joseph as Guardian of the Redeemer.


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