Pics – 2012 Mt Saviour

Guest room sign-in board

Typical room in St Joseph’s, which is the men’s guest house

The men serve themselves breakfast – in silence!

The men eat breakfast – in silence!

The Chapel

The altar in the Chapel

Harp, choir stalls, candles & flowers in Chapel

Monks bow during Lauds (Morning Prayer)

Altar crucifix in Chapel

Men conversing and admiring nature

Bobby, Fr Leo & Joe walk amid the flora

Rocco, Joe & Walter chat

Deacon Bill and Fr Leo in conversation

The men gather in the guest house library for discussion

The Refectory, where the men eat dinner & supper with the monks

Chapel seen through Refectory windows

View from Chapel side porch 1

Rocco reads with a view (in the lounge of the guest house)

A view of some of the pastures

The bathroom!!

View from Chapel side porch 2


One Comment on “Pics – 2012 Mt Saviour”

  1. Glenn Yanik Says:

    The Benedictines have been doing this for about 1500 years. a great blessing to participate for a short time in the monastic lifestyle

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